Anita Mohite, Realtor®

CA DRE License Number: 01932714

M & M and Associates
10420 S. Deanza Blvd. Cupertino CA 95014
Fe Romano | Seller Rating
September 2016 Everything is excellent I can recommend Anita Mohite to others.

Anita & her team were friendly & make suggestions for the quick sale the property .

I nominate Anita Mohite for an excellent employee of the year.

Anita is
very knowledgeable, could be depended upon, clearly explains about sales & how to gain profit.

Anita is the best because she helped me a lot. I have no worries she take good of everything .

Fnu Valarmathi, 95111 | Buyer Rating
July 2016 I feel very satisfied to have Anita Mohite as our agent to purchase our property. Hardworking and self-motivated. She helped us from the scratch step by step. Finding a good home is very tedious...but with Anita we felt comfortable in this journey to find our dream home. Very clear communication between us and the sellers. She impressed us by her quick and clear responses...She never delayed anything. Keep up the good work!!

Shashidhar Kori, San Jos | Buyer Rating
July 2016 Anita has excellent client relationship qualities and is extremely helpful. Is low key, understands client needs and works to match the needs to the appropriate search.

Ram Swaminathan | Buyer Rating
July 2016 Anita Mohite was really helpful during our house hunting phase. She was very knowledgeable about the various localities and she explained the pros and cons of all our choices clearly. It also helped that she was extremely approachable and quick to respond to my various queries and questions. Thanks to her I feel that we ended up purchasing the right house for the right price. The most impressive part was that even after the purchase was completed, she was willing to help us though various other aspects, such as renovation, etc. All in all it was a lovely experience for us and I would definitely refer Anita to my friends and family.

Shrihari Puranik, Mounta | Buyer Rating
June 2016 I appreciate Anita's knowledge about the neighborhoods and her availability to answer any doubts/ questions regarding the home buying process.

Das & Salomi | Buyer Rating
February 2016 We are so glad and happy we had Anita as our Realtor. She is simply Awesome! She educated us, guided and lead us step by step through this entire process very methodically. She was always available, prompt in her response and always on top of things, always ahead of time.

Loved her aggressiveness. She is extremely professional. As we are sitting back and enjoying our first home, we don't remember a single day when we were stressed out, and it was because of Anita. She helped us set the right expectations from the beginning. We recommend her to all home buyers. She is simply amazing.

hahbaz Mahmood 10411 St | Buyer Rating
February 2016 Anita first understand my needs and requirements

and once I selected area ,I found she has complete local Knowledge

of that area. She is very good in negotiating the price and terms of the purchase

Inspections and Open Houses
and the handling of deposit money/escrow.

Ebenezer, Santa Clara | Buyer Rating
October 2015 Anita Mohite did a great job from the start to finish of our home purchase.

She explained the Pro's and Con's of each open house visited and gave valuable insights. Anita Mohite
helped us to understand how much we have to offer and why. After we went into contract Anita Mohite kept us updated every single day by email, text and phone call about the progress of the process at every stage. Anita Mohite negotiated with the selling agent to get minor works done in the house before the escrow and pushed to complete things on time. Anita Mohite also has good connections in the field and helped us to get necessary information sometimes the same day. Another important aspect is Anita Mohite's ability to talk comfortably with us and form a working relationship where we were able to express our opinions easily without any barriers. I would recommend Anita Mohite as a Real Estate agent based on her understanding of the market, ability to push things during the purchase and make keen observations that we might miss otherwise. She does a good follow up work to make sure we are settled and checks for any concerns. We wish Anita Mohite the best and good business deals going forward. Cheers.

Jonathan Tsai, Fremont | Buyer Rating
October 2015 We would love to work with Anita again. She is absolutely excellent across the board--professional, polite, knowledgeable, courteous, and respectful. She helped us navigate through the very complicated process of buying a home from end to end, and it was a seamless and painless experience because of Anita. In the end, the greatest contributing factor for our glowing review for Anita is that we ended up in the home our family LOVES, in a charming neighborhood. We've moved quite a few times before settling down in our current home, which we think will be our forever home.